The journey so far

In 2001, Smt. Vasundhara, along with some like-minded women, brought together some local children of under-privileged backgrounds, with the intention of providing basic literacy. They started under a Neem tree, counseling families on the need to educate their wards. Their intention was to encourage children to go to school. By 2003, the numbers swelled and they all shifted into an empty plot owned by Vasu Amma – as she came to be called,which she later donated for the cause. Construction started for the school building in 2004. By 2005, the structure was ready and classes commenced with about 100 students. Many volunteers and patrons were attracted to the project and formed a strong support system.

Today, the premises are bustling with students, faculty, volunteers and visitors. Along with the generous volunteers who have pitched in as a great teaching faculty, the school now recruits qualified, full-time teachers.

The first few batches appeared privately for tenth standard examinations. Most of the students who successfully did so with our guidance and financial assistance are nearing the completion of their graduation courses. NVM is now recognized by the State Secondary Certificate (S.S.C.) Board and the first tenth standard S.S.C. batch came out with flying colours in 2018. We support and guide all deserving students past their 10th standard, providing financial help and counseling to move into junior colleges and then on to graduation.

In 2011, we opened a branch in Kodgal village, Jadcherla, Mahabubnagar district. Step by step, the campus was expanded and the staff trained by our patrons—as of 2018, our Jadcherla branch has 160 students and Hyderabad branch has 260 students. We are making every effort to prepare our senior students to appear for tenth standard and aim higher.

We owe our growth and progress to our philanthropic partners and volunteers.

Our Objectives

  • Free education for the needy
  • To educate the local population against social evils like child marriage and child labour
  • To provide students with opportunities on par with private schools and exposure to the competitive world
  • To orient students towards decent livelihoods
  • To inculcate moral, ethical and spiritual values along with formal education
  • To encourage holistic, hands-on, practical learning

Founding Members

P. Vasundhara Reddy

As the Founder of Nachiketa Tapovan, Vasundhara Reddy plays a key role in the organisation. Simple, hardworking and spiritual, Vasundhara works tirelessly and selflessly to improve the lives of the children. With children and their literacy becoming her sole focus, she extended the organisation’s educational programmes to one of the most backward and most drought-hit areas of Mahabubnagar in Telangana.

Swami Nachiketananda Puri

The visionary who inspired this organization, Swami Nachiketananda Puri is an original thinker. A firm believer in individuality, Swamiji leads our young friends by encouraging independent inquiry. His spirit of service and egalitarianism are evident in what he does, and how he does them—he is a hands-on yogi, living by example. The principles and guidelines formulated by him in conducting camps, events and activities provide direction to the staff.

Swami Shivananda Puri

Sivananda Puri dedicated herself to the organization in her late teens, and her spiritual inclination and dedication to service led her to embrace a life of a sanyasini (ascetic). She is instrumental in training the teaching staff while also taking care of every detail that pertains to the wellbeing of the students. She is involved with diverse activities in the organization, from plantation programs in the surrounding areas to human resources.

A. Sowja

Smt. A Sowja has been with the organization since its inception. A graduate who joined the organization as a volunteer, Smt. Sowja now serves as a Director of Vidya Mandir, in charge of the branch at Kavuri Hills. Adept at multi-tasking, she carries herself with a sense of calm that spreads to all those who come in contact with her.

K. Geetha Lakshmi

Geetha Lakshmi has over 20 years of experience as a chartered accountant. A founding member of Nachiketa Tapovan, she oversees accounts and general administration for the organization. Geetha is passionate about service to society.

N. Gayathri

A graduate of Interior Decoration, Gayathri is a founding member of Nachiketa Vidya Mandir. She is involved in the camps conducted by Nachiketa Tapovan. Fun-loving and down to earth, she gave direction and shape to the Nachiketa Children’s Summer Camp, making it what it is today.

Smt. K. Vijayalakshmi

A founding member of Nachiketa Tapovan, Vijayalakshmi is closely involved in the planning of all projects undertaken by the organization. A staunch devotee of Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, she is also deeply involved in social welfare projects at the Sri Ramakrishna Math and Mission at Chennai.

Sri. M. Venkatram Reddy

Senior manager at Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL)

Sri Venkatram has 20 years of experience in the field of defense manufacturing industry. He was the president of Winners Foundation consisting of more than 400 dedicated volunteers involved in social service.

Venkatram has been associated with the Nachiketa Tapovan since the inception and is involved in various aspects of volunteer engagement/organization. He has been instrumental in setting up the language lab in our school in Kodgal. As the Secretary of Nachiketa Tapovan, he takes care of administration & management of our Kodgal branch.

Sri. P Krishna

Sr. Staff. Engineer at Leading DBMS Company

Krishna has 15 years of experience in the field of software development. He has been associated with Nachiketa Tapovan since inception. He has been instrumental in developing and maintaining software application for our organisation. As the Chief Finance Secretary he takes care of financial planning including preparation of budgets and revenue/expenditure forecasting etc.

Sri P Suryanarayan Reddy

MD of Sri Brindavan Hotel

Sri Suryanarayana has over 40 years of experience in the field of hospitality. A core member of Nachiketa Tapovan since its inception, he oversees accounts and general administration for the organization. He is very passionate about social upliftment and philanthropy, contributing time and money for the purpose.

Our Team

P. Vasundhara


Kasu Sreelatha

Executive Director

A Sowja

Primary Section In-charge



A Pallavi

Head of administration


Head of operations

Swami Nachiketananda Puri

Chairman, Jadcherla Branch

Swami Shivananda Puri

Executive Director, Jadcherla Branch

Smt. Vijayalakshmi

Headmistress, Jadcherla Branch

Our Volunteers

Management Advisers

P Suryanarayana Reddy
YVSS Prasad
K. Geetalakshmi
P Krishna
M. Venkatram Reddy
G Satya


Sriphani Pappu
M. Venkatram Reddy


Smt. Pushkala Raman
Smt. Vijju
Smt. Mrudula
Smt. Subha
Smt. Supriya Reddy
Smt. Anuradha Raju
Smt. Sita Laxmi
Smt. Shushma Thota
Smt. Sandhya
Smt. Rupa Reddy
Shri Deepak Tiwari

Higher Education

Smt. Aarti
Smt. Pratyusha Appana
Smt. Shipra
Smt. Sushma Thota
Prashanth Mohan
Ajith Narayan


Smt. Subhadra Raju
Smt. Annapurna
Smt. Harini
Smt. Neeru
Smt. Neetika


Gautham Vir
P SriPhani

Medical Camp

Dr. Amulya
Dr. Rangarao
Dr. Sudhakar Reddy
Dr.Sureka Pinglai


Madhavi Satya
Ravindra Rudraraju
Srihari Puppala

Arts & Crafts

Smt. Vandana
Smt. Mamta
Smt. Navitha
Smt. Madhavi

US Chapter

Subba Reddy
Krishna Varma Rudraraju