Having groomed many students to appear privately for 10th standard exams, 2018 has seen us receive S.S.C. board recognition. Our volunteers have stood by us in training our students to perform excellently in the board exams. We work on counselling families against evils like child marriages and spread awareness on the merits of educating children. We have been successful in attracting many children into the school who might otherwise have become child labourers or child brides. Read 'Meet our Stars'

We have organized various programs and events like Annual Day, Spectrum, Anekhta mein Ektha, Paropkar, Jeet (sports day), ‘A day with people who help us’, and excursions and field trips. These activities help our students showcase their skills and explore their talents. Each year we hold Summer camps that are open for all which have been running very successfully. Our boys were winners in the ‘Inter-school football tournament’, 2017-2018.

1. Strength and support for NVM comes from:

Our esteemed patrons

Our dedicated team of volunteers

Our philanthropic partners

Our consistent work to bring awareness to the local Thandas around our Kodgal branch has shown great and satisfactory results. We have come a long way from when we had to campaign to convince the locals to send their kids to school –spreading awareness about hygiene, tidiness, eating habits, order and rules – we now have the support and understanding of the locals. We also keep in touch with the families to educate them on social evils like child marriage and the importance of girl child education.

Recently, we conducted an event called ‘Job Mela’ to provide a platform for the local youth to find job opportunities and understand the need for improving their skills. We aim at changing the local outlook.

We have added a few better-equipped classrooms with sponsorships from our kind patrons. We are confident of grooming our students from the Kodgal branch to appear for the S.S.C exams very soon.