Nachiketa Tapovan

Our Strength


Mrudula, a humble volunteer has rendered remarkable, selfless service to Nachiketa Tapovan. Her contribution to Tapovan is tremendous. She involves in all areas from administration to organising events to counselling the most notorious children. She is a constant inspiration to teachers and students. With her timely advice she can undo any kind of stress. Her motivational and mentoring skills have made her a favourite among the children.


Vice President

Shivani, a dedicated individual who joined Nachiketa Tapovan in 2016, has ascended to the esteemed position of Vice President within the organization’s core team, showcasing seven years of remarkable dedication and service.

Her educational journey includes schooling at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and an MBA with specializations in HR, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, she has earned a prestigious certification in Global Management and Threat Analysis from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.

Shivani’s career commenced in HR, where she later transitioned into training Senior Managers and AVPs in leadership development. She is renowned for her unwavering willingness to assist others in any situation, making her an invaluable asset to Nachiketa Tapovan. Her journey stands as a testament to her steadfast commitment.

N C Jyothirmai Subhasri

Admin, Secretary

N C Jyothirmai Subhasri is a post graduate and joined Nachiketa Tapovan in 2021 as Admin Secretary. Her role at Nachiketa is to raise funds, and speak to different companies and people to explain them what we do at Tapovan and support us in our endeavours. She is soft spoken and humble and always lends a helping hand to everyone when needed.

M Hima Bindu Reddy

Finance, Secretary

M Hima Bindu Reddy is a post graduate in commerce and joined us as Finance secretary in 2022. She is a perfectionist and her efficiency in looking after the accounts is exemplary. She is kind to everyone and even helps in the administration work when required. Hima Bindu helps in creating the right atmosphere even in the most stressful situations.


Secretary, Organisation Core Team

A born teacher, who is passionate about teaching and spirituality. Always willing to work towards charity and a live example of selflessness. One who strives for social reform and self-transformation. He is a principal of one of the Government schools where he encourages and supports children to pursue higher studies. He is in the teaching field since 1995. He has been associated with the organization since its establishment.


He is associated with the organization from 1999 onwards. A committed, selfless soul who always strives for the organization’s growth. He is a Commerce graduate with more than 20 years experience in Marketing.


Media Coordinator

A devoted volunteer at Nachiketa Tapovan, who takes care of the day to day activities of the organization. He is an engineering graduate from Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology. He is alumni of this organization. He is the one who always takes part in every event that takes place in the organization and gives his best.


Vidya Coordinator

A dedicated volunteer at Nachiketa Tapovan, who is passionate about teaching. She is an engineering graduate from Vasavi College of Engineering and alumni of this organization. She started her journey with this organization since its inception. She is always in the forefront when the students need help and strives for the organization’s evolution.


Vaidya Coordinator

A dedicated volunteer at Nachiketa Tapovan who loves spending time with Vidya Mandir children. She is an engineering graduate from G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science and alumni of this organization. She started her journey and her childhood with this organization since its inception. She takes part in all events conducted by the organization and is always there for the students who need help. She is a true and live inspiration for all the students.


Operation Manager, Kodgal Branch

A sincere, hardworking soul who joined Organisation couple of years before as a Supervisor is now heads Ashram as an Operation Manager. A devout believer in Indian culture, simple to the core and above all honest in every sense helps Organisation in its all spiritual pursuits. His commitment towards Nachiketa speaks volumes. He couldn’t complete his degree due to unavoidable circumstances but his experience of dealing with people from different walks of life makes him one of the best assets.

N Jyothi

Teaching is a skillful art, demanding patience, commitment, passion, perseverance and above all love for the students. Nachiketa Vidya Mandir children are fortunate to find all these in Jyothi, who joined as a teacher at a very young age and today her communication skills, adaptability, enthusiasm and administrative experience has placed her at the helm of Nachiketa Vidya Mandir by becoming its principal. To pep up her skills she had done her MA B.Ed. She values each student’s opinion and ideas and creates a nurturing environment in the classroom. Students feel free and safe to confide in her and respect her immensely. She has proved that a good teacher can make a great impact in a student’s life. A perfect role model!

K. Subbalakshmi

K. Subbalakshmi joined Nachiketa Tapovan in 2021 as an Academic head & Vice Principal for our Kodgal branch. She has a work experience of 33 years in the field of education. She retired as a HOD and joined Tapovan as her passion for teaching young minds is endless. Whether it is in education or cultural activities she has always strived to get out the best in each and every student.

Y. G. Murthy

Y. G. Murthy has a work experience of 41+ years in Process Industries and IT Enabled Services in various segments. Post his retirement, he joined with Nachiketa Tapovan in 2022 as an Executive Co-Ordinator for both of our centres at Hyderabad and Kodgal. He looks into all administrative activities and also helps in streamlining the physical processes converting into office automation. Currently, he is using MS Office for the purpose and slowly will be migrated to a web based technology for more transparency, reporting purposes. He is very supportive in the School Activities at Kodgal branch for Computer Lab maintenance, training to staff and any other paper work support is needed. Also, he is very much trying to fix the gaps in between Procurement of goods, consumption, assets/inventory