Nachiketa Tapovan

Vidya – Hyderabad

Nachiketa Vidya Mandir, Madhapur, Hyderabad

Started with a small group of underprivileged children in a make-shift shed since 2001. Nachiketa Vidya Mandir (NVM) now houses 260 students, from Nursery to 10th std, in a building with classrooms, a science lab, library and a multipurpose hall. An in-house kitchen staff prepares nutritious mid-day meals and provides milk and snacks in the afternoon.

Our generous patrons and philanthropic partners help improve facilities, sponsor mid-day meals, milk and snacks, and pitch in to provide stationery and meet other needs while volunteers take charge of various responsibilities including teaching.

‘Teach for India’ deserves a special mention for being kind sponsors of two fellows who help formulate teaching material and guide the teachers.

Along with academics as per syllabus, we educate children on Indian values and culture, give high priority to yoga and sports, and encourage the development of artistic and vocational/practical skills. We endeavour to expose students to opportunities and competition on par with other schools.

Admission Process

Nachiketa Vidya Mandir strictly adheres to ‘Right To Education’ that is guaranteed by the Indian constitution; every child, irrespective of economic and social background, deserves to receive a formal education. Education enriches manpower and helps strengthen economic growth of the country apart from addressing key issues like healthcare, population control, unemployment etc. Through education, individuals come to understand their basic rights and privileges. When one generation receives the right education, they can help uplift their whole community.

We provide education at “zero” cost to the children with no compromise in quality of education. In order to maintain quality we intake limited number of students only at the entry level.

  1. Admissions are strictly taken for children in the age group of 3-4 years for nursery only
  2. Only one child per family would be given admission
  3. Below would be the preference criteria to consider admission
    1. Child of a single parent (widower/divorcee/others)
    2. Economically poor
    3. Child resides in nearby locality of the school premises (radius of 5 kms)
  4. A limited number of tokens are given for admissions (80-100)
  5. Parents along with children would be called to campus on 3rd Saturday of June every year
  6. Mandatory documents such as Aadhar card and Birth certificate collected and verified
  7. Parents are interviewed and financial background verified by a panel
  8. Volunteers visit houses of children for authentication
  9. 30 students would be finalized and the list would be displayed on the student board.
  10. Admissions are given based on New Education Policy (NEP).


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Further Education

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