Nachiketa Tapovan


SAHITYA (साहित्य)

SAHIT (साहित्): Goodness of togetherness is Sahitya

YA (या): that which

Goodness of togetherness is Sahitya

Nachiketa Tapovan ventured into the field of Publication by publishing Bhajanamala, our first Publication. Our service activities were progressing on a fast pace and we felt it was appropriate to start our own Newsletter and share the news of our selfless service activities with like-minded souls. Our first fortnightly News letter started in January 2009 and with the encouraging response we received, we started our monthly magazine, Nachiketanjali in the year 2010. The magazine showcases articles with a spiritual message, articles on dealing with social issues, Swamiji’s answers to queries on spirituality, Sanskrit lessons, a page for children and above all highlights of all the activities of the Organization with a detailed monthly report. However, with the advent of digital information systems, the scope has expanded to include sharing our Publications through ebooks,, and on our website.