Nachiketa Tapovan


VAIDYA (वैद्या)

VAID (वैद्): Related to Ayurveda

YA (या): that which

Vaidya means that which talks about Ayurveda, knowledge of Ayurveda, followers of the Veda (Ayurveda)

It is a known fact that the cost of medical care is beyond the reach of the average person not to mention the poor. Nachiketa Tapovan conducts free Medical Camps on all the Sundays from 10 am to 12.30 pm. On an average 60 to 80 people of the underprivileged community are deriving the benefits of free medication. The goal of our Health Camps is to deliver the best health care possible to the economically weaker sections of the population constantly and completely free of charge. The Free Medical-aid has been making stupendous difference in the lives of our patients as well as our numerous supporters, associated in this sacred endeavour.

Hyderabad Doctors:

Our Sunday Medical Camps are taken care of by

Dr. Amulya
Dr. Surekha (MD Anaesthesia)
Dr. Ramesh
Dr. Sudhakar Reddy (Medicolegal)
Dr. Ranga Rao
Dr. Vidyadhari (MBBS)
Dr. Krishna Kishore (Ophthalmologist) and his team from Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital
Dr. Eshwara Chary (Paediatrician)
Dr. Ramesh (ENT)
Dr. Sudhakar Reddy (General Physician)
Dr. A. Surendra (Dentist)
Dr. N. G. Shastri (Mohan’s Diabetes Centre)
Dr. Sukhaveni (Pranadha Hospital)
Dr. Ramesh
Dr. Rohini (Oncologist)
Dr. Chendrayudu
Dr. Atul Gupta
Dr. Rajini Gupta
Dr. Sudhakar and Group (Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital)
Dr. Rohini Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital
Dr. Raju (Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital)

They are perfect examples of Swamiji’s perspective of ‘Silent Workers’.

Maxi Vision and Drishti have extended their support in conducting Special Eye camps at our premises, free of cost.

Kodgal Doctors:

Dr. Reila Agarwal
Dr. Vijya Laxmi
Dr. K. Gayathri Reddy
Dr. B. Sankeerthana
Dr. M. Narsimha Reddy
Dr. V. Ram Reddy
Dr. Vitalaiah(president)
B. Ravishankar
G. Sudarshan
P. Oattu Kumar

Natco Pharma Ltd, Granules India Ltd., Reddy Labs and Ranbaxy have extended their generosity in supplying free medicines to us.


Doctors and Patients List

S.No.YearNo. of Patients

Total = 14,525

Special Camps

S.No.CampYearNo. of PatientsName of the Doctor
1Health Camp for students2010-2011157Dr. Ramesh, Dr.Rohini, Dr. Chendrayudu
2Eye Camp201180Dr.Atul Gupta, Dr. Rajini Gupta
3Dental Camp2011101Dr. Sudhakar and Group (Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital)
4Cancer Camp201116Dr. Rohini
5Dental Camp201148Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital
6Dental Camp201264Dr. Sudhakar and Group 
7Dental Camp201276Dr. Raju (Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital)
8Dental Camp201213Dr. Raju (Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital)
9Eye Camp201387No Records Found
10Eye Camp201496No Records Found
11Diabetes201420Regular Doctors

Regular Doctors

  1. Dr. Amulya
  2. Dr. Sureka
  3. Dr. Sudhakar Reddy
  4. Dr. Ranga Rao
  5. Dr. Vidyadhari


Special Camps (Kodgal)

S.No.CampYearNo. of PatientsName of the Doctor
1General Camp201870Dr. Reila Agarwal
2Eye Checkup For Students (Kodgal)2018118No Records found
3Eye Checkup For Students (Kodgal)201924No Records found
4Medical Camp20202051. Dr. Vijya Laxmi
2. Dr. K.Gayathri Reddy
3. Dr. B.Sankeerthana
4. Dr. M. Narsimha Reddy
5. Dr. V. Ram Reddy
6. Dr. Vitalaiah (President)
7. B. Ravishankar
8. G. Sudarshan
9. P. Oattu Kumar
5Dewarming Day2020152No Records found