Nachiketa Tapovan

Paryavaran – Hyderabad

Going Green Is No More a Choice


Nachiketa’s Go Green Club is a gesture made by Nachiketa Tapovan, a non-profit organization in the direction of tracing our steps back to cleaner Earth and instilling the same spirit in the minds of young ones. Going green is as important a part of insuring children’s future as is saving and planning for their education.

For the last century, cutting down trees, industrial and traffic pollution, irrational use of plastic bags are to name a few, of our self-destructive practices that have been rampant and causing great ecological imbalance. We are generating enormous amounts of waste that is taking up the landfill space, polluting the oceans and intruding into the food chains of organisms at an alarming speed. It is high time we pick our acts up. It is our responsibility to clean up the mess that we have made of our place of dwelling. Love the earth: it’s the only one we’ve got. As a part of Nachiketa’s Go Green Club activities, we have been participating and initiating participation from individuals, institutions and housing developments in the WOW (Wealth Out of Waste), an ITC-Ramky initiative. We coordinate community and door-to-door pick-ups through ITC’s coordinating staff. Through this initiative, most of the paper, plastic, tin and glass waste material that is generated in our households is diverted from the landfills and instead recycled. By doing so we- Help reduce pollution,Save land fill space,Generate income that goes towards expenses of Nachiketa Tapovan where 500 children receive character building education, basic health care (weekly free dispensaries), vocational training and much more. We hereby request your participation in this initiative and help us in this endeavor. Just by taking some effort to segregate and collect household newspaper, waste paper and plastic, you will be doing a great service to Mother Earth and future generations and humanity. If you are already a participant of WOW initiative, we appreciate your stride towards a cleaner Earth and we request you to consider directing the WOW remunerations to our institution because Your Waste can be our Wealth. We take this opportunity to invite you to visit Nachiketa Tapovan, Kavuri hills. For details visit our website (, or contact 91-9849168937.

“Mata bhumih putro aham prithivyaha”

Earth is our mother and we are Her children!

According to the Vedic Dharma, the Environment, God and Humans are integral parts of one Whole or the Brahman. Reverence, compassion and non-violence towards all elements of environment have been central to the Sanatana Dharma. The Vedic seers were well aware that each organism small or big, simple or complex plays an indispensable role in the balance of environment. This was achieved through different approaches like Gods taking the form of animals like fish, turtle, boar etc., designating plants the status of worship like Tulasi, depicting animals as vehicles of Gods and so on.

Due to this respect people refrained from activities that would disturb Nature. If they had to do a constructive activity that could hurt the peace of one or more elements, they would perform puja like Bhoomi puja and seek forgiveness. The performance of daily Agnihotra, yagas and the churning of ocean were some of the acts of periodic purification of environment, interwoven seamlessly into our lifestyle.

But mimicking the consumerism of the West led to contributing to the woes of earthly beings. It is high time we pick our acts up. It is our responsibility to clean up the mess that we have made of our place of dwelling. Love the earth… It is the only one we have got.

Agenda of Nachiketa Tapovan’s Go green:

  1. Educate children about today’s state of matters
  2. Learn to recycle, reuse and reduce waste
  3. Use and advocate use of cloth bags and used plastic bags
  4. Craft useful and beautiful articles with recycled materials
  5. Learn, practice and then preach about conservation of resources
  6. Practice and preach ways to reduce pollution

It is your mother calling. DON’T KEEP HER ON HOLD!