Nachiketa Tapovan


Vasundhara Reddy

Founder & Managing Trustee, President

The architect of Nachiketa Tapovan, is simple, hardworking and spiritual to the core and works tirelessly and selflessly to take the organization to new heights. If her simplicity is an ornament, it is her passion for work and immense faith in Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa which is her true signature that inspires all.

Swami Nachiketananda Puri

Trustee & Chief Mentor

The visionary who inspired this organization, Swami Nachiketananda Puri is an original thinker. A firm believer in individuality, he guides and leads us by encouraging independent inquiry. His spirit of service and egalitarianism are evident in what he does, and how he does them. He is a hands-on yogi, living by example.

Venkat Ram Reddy

Trustee & Adhyatma Coordinator

He has 29 years of experience in the field of Defense manufacturing industry. He is involved in various aspects of volunteer engagement in the organization. A selfless soul, who contributes his mathematical and spiritual skills to support the organization.


Trustee & Adhyatma Coordinator

He currently serves as a Deputy Manager in BDL (Bhanur), who is an engineering graduate in the field of Mechanics. He is a trustee of this organization and takes part in the various activities of the organization. He is known for his commitment and is a selfless soul.

Vijaya Laxmi

Trustee & HM, NVM, Kodgal

She is one of the dedicated volunteers and a backbone of Nachiketa Vidya mandir (Kodgal). She is a trustee and principal of NVM (kodgal), who pursued B.Ed. & PG. She is a beautiful soul who always strives to share her knowledge that she acquired with the students. Her presence and contribution is clearly visible in almost every activity and event that takes place in Kodgal branch.

P Krishna


Sri. P Krishna, He is a trustee. He has 20 years of experience in the field of software development. He has been associated with Nachiketa Tapovan since inception. A spiritual individual to the core. He brings his experience to the organization. He has been instrumental in developing and maintaining software application for our organisation. As the Chief Finance Secretary He takes care of financial planning of budgets and revenue/expenditure, forecasting etc.


Trustee & Admin Coordinator

She is a trustee and alumni of this organization who is an engineering graduate from G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science. She is involved in various activities of the organization and helps students in academics. A true believer of spirituality.