Nachiketa Tapovan


VIDYA (विद्या)

Vidya in Sanskrit is a two lettered word.

 VID (विद्): Light

YA (या): that which gives

Hence, Vidya primarily means that which gives light. In true sense, it is not about the so-called education system, but it is all about education that brings out hidden potential from within. It is more about that which shows the righteous path and one which leads us beyond livelihood.


Imparting education that builds character and opens doors for a decent livelihood is of top priority at Nachiketa Vidya Mandir. We select and train teaching staff to work with students in such a way that they understand and empathize with them, given their backgrounds.


NVM is recognised by the S.S.C. Telangana Board and the first batch has appeared and come out with flying colours in 2018. Before that, there were four batches of students since 2014 who have been trained in the school to appear privately and most of them are now pursuing higher education. Many of our students have joined prestigious junior and professional colleges.

Education with a purpose

Most of the children come from families with illiterate parents and low incomes. The main purpose of NVM is to give the children education to improve their living standards and aim higher. They are given exposure to the larger world and to opportunities.


We prioritize hiring teachers who can be trained to understand the needs of the students, understanding their need for additional support while helping them appear for board examinations.


We attract a good number of volunteers who stand as a strong pillar of support and help us throughout the academic year.

After-school support

We provide additional after-school support in academics for our high school students. Understanding that our high school students need additional help as most of them do not come from literate families, we strive to hold special support classes after regular school hours so that they can get most of their preparation done in the school itself, with proper guidance. Our children stay back for a couple of hours after school to do their studies, get their doubts cleared and prepare for exams.

VIDYANJALI: Financial support and guidance up to graduation

As our students approach high school, we guide them towards opportunities in higher education with counselling from experienced volunteers. We help them join junior colleges and eventually enrol in graduation courses. We offer financial support to all our deserving students. Many of our students have joined prestigious junior and professional colleges.

Guidance towards Vocational courses

Depending on their family backgrounds and academic competence, if some students need to move into quick employment by learning relevant skills, we identify and guide them towards vocational courses.


We have a kitchen and facilities to cook meals for our school whenever patrons sponsor lunch. We ensure that the food is wholesome and nutritious. We offer milk and snacks everyday.


We are fortunate enough to get the support of the esteemed organization ‘Empower Sports” who have taken it on themselves to mentor our students in sports. We conducted our first ‘Sports Day’ in December 2017.

Health Camps

Our senior students assist volunteer doctors during Sunday health camps conducted not just for our students, but for all needy people.