Nachiketa Tapovan

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to “Educate Empower Enlighten”


Our mission is to serve humanity in a way that brings out the latent but potent human excellence that exists within. We believe in empowering the needy, tribal and underprivileged children through education. We believe in imparting the right knowledge about life and its values. We believe that education is the right of these children and in this pursuit; we wish to transform the lives of as many children as possible by imparting knowledge about life and its values. These children when they leave Tapovan will be the torch bearers for the nation and will impart the values that they have learnt to the world at large.

Sole Motto

To empower rural, underprivileged and needy children and youth through holistic education and elders through various life infusing activities to prepare them for life.

This journey is not possible without the support of all our members. We are truly blessed to have such a diverse and thriving community comprising of passionate individuals from diverse professional and educational backgrounds.

Our Objectives